RIIS has worked with development and establishment of retail stores for more than 25 years. We develop the conceptual framework that will inspire and engage your customers.

Designing a store demands psychological as well as creative insights. In addition to high standards of craftsmanship and creative flair, the right solution also calls for in-depth knowledge about shopping processes and brand identity.

With our explicit creative capability in developing outstanding store concepts, we aim at creating the right look and the right balance between; atmosphere, product display, functionality, styling, branding, customer flow and space management.

Our aim is to serve as a dedicated partner through all phases in the process of creating dedicated spaces and profitable retail solutions.

The ability to create a valuable brand experience is the life-blood of our organisation. RIIS originally started developing concepts for the fashion industry, but today we also provide solutions for sport, home decor, electronic and jewellery stores.

We are always seeking to improve, to be more innovative, to explore new opportunities, to optimise processes and to push the boundaries together with our partners.