Søstrene Grene


Hamburg, Germany


Søstrene Grene

Hamburg, Germany


In the pulsating area of Altstadt, Hamburg, you’ll find this 550 m2 Søstrene Grene store on the corner of Spitalerstraße and Mönckebergstraße. The district is one of the central shopping areas of the city and features a wide range of global brands and German retail greats. Spitalestraße ranks among the ten most visited streets in Germany – a great location for this amazing Søstrene Grene store.


We have opened numerous Søstrene Grene stores, but this flagship store on Spitalerstraße in Hamburg is quite special.

The flagship store opened on October 29th, 2021 and it is the largest Søstrene Grene store in Germany. The store has a total area of 810 m2 and a shop area of 550 m2.

A large number of square meters has made it possible to create several different settings where the products are presented in creative ways – for example a homely kitchen, an artful craft shop area, and a special universe for the kids with surprising elements.



The store in Hamburg is designed with Søstrene Grene’s new concept: “Retail for the senses”. The concept has been created by us in close collaboration with Søstrene Grene.

The new retail concept is designed with respect for Søstrene Grene’s history and the original concept in mind – respecting the traditions of the past and allowing for the future development of the brand.

Through our 4D design process, we have created a concept that will allow customers to get closer to the universe of the two sisters Anna and Clara – a concept that will stimulate all their senses and not least their curiosity.



For the new concept, we have created a freestanding display unit to give new life to the wooden boxes, which is an essential element in Søstrene Grene’s original concept. The display unit is in contrast to the darker wall system that allows for new display possibilities and embraces the many new product groups Søstrene Grene has today.

In between the two systems, there is room for settings and universes to emerge – for example, an artful space or a homely office setting. These universes are meant to tell stories and give the customer an extraordinary and surprising shopping experience.


We have worked with Søstrene Grene for several years. We take care of the projects from A to Z – a concept we call “Complete Solution”.

It means that we, among other things, handle concept design, technical drawings, project management as well as coordination and approvals with local contractors.