Joe & the Juice

North audley st

London, UK


Joe & the juice
North audley st

London, UK


In the exclusive area of Mayfair, London, you’ll find this JOE & THE JUICE at a historic, two-storey, corner location on North Audley St. Through the large window section, you can sit and enjoy the view and observe all the passers-by while you enjoy one of the famous juices.


We have opened hundreds of JOE & THE JUICE stores, but this flagship store on North Audley St is a landmark – one of the finest stores among them all. A large number of square meters allowed great variation in furniture and seating to avoid a monotonous canteen atmosphere.

The cafe has many different functions, whether the guests are there for a quick cup of coffee or they want to chill for hours with friends or colleagues after work.

The cafe is close to JOE’s London office, so there is a great opportunity to showcase the store to business partners, investors and guests of the house. And to give them the ultimate impression of what the JOE & THE JUICE concept features.


Getting the best out of the lower floor has been one of the biggest challenges. We have furnished the lower floor to make it cosier and lounge-like with a relaxing sofa environment and subdued lighting.

Usually, a lower floor is used as storage or office space, but we got the best out of it by making it a part of the overall cafe experience.


We have handled everything from concept design, technical drawings, project management as well as coordination and approvals with local contractors. We have dealt with government approval, fire requirements and disability conditions.

In short, we have taken care of everything so that JOE & THE JUICE could focus on their core business. This is what we call a Complete Solution.


We strive to deliver a 100% finished product, but we always follow-up to fix small unforeseen tasks.

We have shopfitters who know every little detail about the JOE & THE JUICE concept. In the last week of the construction process, we had our shopfitters onsite who ensured high build quality and to support the assembling of furniture and fixtures.

Our shopfitters possess specialist knowledge. An unique knowledge that takes a long time to obtain.