Joe & the Juice


Copenhagen, DK


Joe & the juice
North audley st

London, UK

New airport opening at Kastrup T3

In January 2024 Joe & The Juice opened a brand new bar in Copenhagen Kastrup airport. With this latest opening located inside Terminal 3 airside, JTJ has now altogether 5 locations at this airport. Kastrup is the largest international airport in Scandinavia with around 27million travelers passing through every year.

One of the largest bars so far

We have opened hundreds of JOE & THE JUICE stores, but this flagship store on North Audley St is a landmark – one of the finest stores among them all. A large number of square meters allowed great variation in furniture and seating to avoid a monotonous canteen atmosphere.

The cafe has many different functions, whether the guests are there for a quick cup of coffee or they want to chill for hours with friends or colleagues after work.

The cafe is close to JOE’s London office, so there is a great opportunity to showcase the store to business partners, investors and guests of the house. And to give them the ultimate impression of what the JOE & THE JUICE concept features.

The Next Generation of bars

The central idea of the concept is a multifunctional continuous piece of furniture that can effortlessly shape / wrap around the specifics of any space. Consisting of a limited number of modular elements, this flexible furniture system creates a large variety of configurations that can fit into all kinds of contexts and locations. The result is a custom shaped bench and room divider in one that works as a perfect tool within a roll-out store concept, where the goal is to achieve an impression of bespoke and more exclusive interior design.

The new concept aims to give each store a more local feel and create a warm environment made of honest and tactile surfaces. The intention is to preserve as many authentic elements of the original space as possible. Moreover, previously dark surfaces are replaced with bright, fresh color tones balanced with warm wood paneling and refreshed selection of flooring options. The new furniture collection includes new options for different kinds of seating and decoration elements. The picture frame gallery, the so-called JTJ hall of fame, remains on walls as an important visual feature representing brand’s DNA.

New JTJ concept comes to life

In close collaboration with the client RIIS recently developed a completely new concept for JTJ that will bring brighter colors and a more vibrant feel to the bars. Kastrup T3 is the first opening designed in this new look and introduces a number of exciting new features.