Mission & Vision




RIIS Retail traces its roots back to 1965. Through four generations RIIS has grown from a small carpentry with craftmanship in its vein to being one of Europe’s leading companies within development and establishment of high-quality retail concepts.

The DNA from the early days remain, where focus is on quality, trust and dedication to the task. With our deep roots in solid craftmanship and our visionary and curios approach to design and function, we continuously strive to make things smarter and help and advice our customers.

RIIS Retail A/S is a part of RIIS Group A/S.




RIIS Retail is built on a tradition of craftsmanship and quality that goes back generations. This rich heritage, plus our shared values, combine to create a bond between us that is truly unique. We support each other, strive to achieve our common goals and recognise that our individual achievements are what makes it possible for us to enjoy mutual success. We work with each other as well as for each other.

We believe in respect – respect for our ourselves, each other and our customers. We respect that our customers know more about their products and customers than anyone else. Therefore, we take great pride in listening carefully to our customers. Only by fully understanding their needs, demands and expectations, we can get as close as possible to perfection and simultaneously raise customers’ expectations.






At RIIS we believe in original creative ideas, craft skills and business acumen. Although our solutions are innovative, they always build on the same solid foundation of experience and specific industry knowledge.

We believe in commitment and responsibility, we get things done and keep our promises. Although a project plan divides everything into neat little boxes, real life does not work that way. There are delays. There are accidents. Our responsibility is to make sure everything turns out right – despite these hindrances. Although we pride ourselves on our ability to choose the right path, no matter which path we may be forced to take, we make sure it will lead us to our destination.




Trends change quickly in our business. We must be able to react quickly and professionally. We must also demonstrate openness and continue to develop exciting new concepts in cooperation with our partners. Through courage, openness, personal development, curiosity and development with our partners, we are being innovative.


RIIS Retail provides high-end products. That means the market has high expectations for both our visual and functional quality. Quality is being optimised by motivation and prosperity, knowledge sharing, focus on qualifications and development and documentation of our work



The ability to create a valuable brand experience for our customers’ customer is the life-blood of our organisation. Our expression is created by challenging ourselves, but keeping focus on the function of our products. We search to be inspired, as inspiration keeps us innovative and creative, and at the same time we make sure to take care of our identity.




The products and services we provide are imbued with incredible passion and commitment.
At RIIS we see commitment as a mutual responsibility created by honesty, persistence, prosperity and by placing responsibility and giving feedback.


Partnership with our customers plays a major role here at RIIS. It builds on mutual respect and trust, as well as a deep understanding of our customers’ needs and concerns. Our partnerships are built on cooperation, trust, a mutual understanding and by having the economy transparent for both parties.



Through innovative designs and a deep customer and consumer understanding we optimise retail performance and strengthen our customers overall brand perception.
Using cutting edge technology and an international experienced organisation, we are able to solve complex and large-scale deliveries on all major markets.



We will constantly strive to remain the #1 international full-service provider of advanced retail solutions. As a full-service provider, we want to be recognized for our ability to understand our customers’ needs and improving their performance. We will be able to follow our customers to all relevant marketplaces being their security for quality and compliance on delivery. Over the coming years our customer base will evolve from domestic based companies to international companies. We will strive to challenge status quo and pursue new opportunities, and continue being pioneers within or speciality.


RIIS Retail creates spaces that tell stories and offers customers authentic experiences.

Based on all we know about functionality and design,

we create shop experiences that shift boundaries and challenge architectural conventions.

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